Jan 25, 2014


How about the big pearl necklace?? like a headphone. by the way, Have you ever seen "CHANEL ART"?? I went to the cocktail party of 2014 spring summer collection of "CHANEL ART" designed by Carl Lagerfeld.


The especially item which I am pleased with is a flat of a white race. You can see so small silver "CHANEL". The clutch entered into the clutch, the jewelry of such a big accent, and a pearl jewelry which smiles by playfulness. Colorful tweed and the tweed of a chic color also have the plot unique to CHANEL, and it is great that little play and prejudice are hidden. Since it is a needle or a mechanism occurs somewhere, the heel of the pumps of simple black must be seen thoroughly. 
How is such an adult's tricky design merely to you that it is boring only with it being gorgeous? 


Photo & posted by Junko

Jan 17, 2014


The carpet of fallen leaves. 
when I pass the street It makes dry sound. 
If I ride on a bicycle, a cold wind will permeate me. 
A tip of my nose and ear becomes as painful. The air remind me winter, I always take self-portraits feeling winter.But although I like the color in the winter, I would like to come to go out for photographing. The park with little people is quiet and busy by the color of winter. there are many calm colors of winter. And the color becomes an inspiration of my styling. How Klimt drew this picture? -- I would like to take a photograph with the carpet and the soft light of winter when I find the dress. Because the sound of the fallen leaves which overlaps about its ears, the soft sunlight of winter, and slow time are here. 
Dear my romantic winter... 

The carpet of fallen leaves. The color in the park fits for the dress of Klimt's THE KISS<3 In Tokyo, it has not snowed yet. When will it snow? I would like to take a photograph in the snow-covered landscape, when it snows.

ついにgetしちゃった。クリムトのTHE KISSドレス。落ち葉の色と合うよね ;)

COAT : Ann Demeulemeester
JACKET : Courreges (VINTAGE)

serf-portrait (NIKON D800 ) 

styling by Junko
photography by Junko
model by Junko

Jan 15, 2014


A day whose I am not smart. Say good-bye to ugly me!! Sorry Jijico ;)
(She said that don't take it out on me)


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Jan 11, 2014

and DOT.

Pointed red, classical design, cats, and shirts. my forever fav!!! I get new shirts, so cute design. It layers the vest of dot knitting only front. The back is buttons.  I would like to wear the beautiful color coat on it. The green bottle and classical package face powders are CHIFFONETTE by SHISEIDO. I really love the past collections of SHISEIDO. 
The day before yesterday, I had my wisdom teeth pulled out!!  I have greeted various pauses, the beginning of the new year. 

PANTS : Alice + Olivia

変わらずにずっと好きな物。ポイントになる赤、クラシカルなデザイン、猫、シャツ。CHIFFONETTEのクラシカルなパッケージに惹かれて思わずgetしたパウダー。シンプルにマットな仕上がりがとても好きな感触で、この新参者は数々の他のルースパウダーを差し置いて引き出しの手前の席をgetしています。多機能パウダーも良いのですが、あまり肌が強くないこともあって、復刻版のこのシリーズは 私の肌に合っているみたい。好きなデザインで肌に合う化粧品が少ないのでとても嬉しい。にんまり。。。資生堂の昔のデザインってご覧になった事ありますか?とてもとても好きなので いつかpic upして紹介したいな。想像を遥かに越えて良かったのは このシャツ!!前身頃だけドットのニットベストが重ね着みたいに付いています。背面がボタン。これに綺麗なカラーのコートとか合わせたいな。

エロいとか変態とかもこだわり様かな と。
何事も突き抜けたそれは カッコいいと思うのです。


自分と言う人間らしさを 自分の美学で表現したいし
そういう生き方をしたいな と思います。


serf-portrait (NIKON D800 ) 

styling by Junko
photography by Junko
model by Junko

Jan 6, 2014

My Winter Holidays 2013-2014

20131231 & 20140101

How was your Winter Holidays?? I went to my parents' home on the last day & the beginning of the year and meet my father, mother, grandma, and pets!! the dog named NATSU, and the dog named 豹・HYOU (it's mean Panther!! I love panther when I was a child<3)
I draw a sketch for my New Year's Greetings. Paper and Pencils is my favorite items, I confirm again!!



With my mother, I went to ISETAN shinjuku for shopping on 2nd January. We can see & buy「Kansai Yamamoto POP UP STORE @ TOKYO解放区」. Kansai Yamamoto collaborated some young creators!!
山本寛斎さんとMishaや串野さんがコラボしているとのことで、2日は新宿ISETANへ。Mishaのタイツは履きこなせたらかなりかわいい。あと串野真也さんのクラッチもすてき。シューズコーナーには舘鼻さんのスニーカー THE DAUGHTERSもあります。全て2F。まだ見てないという方、お急ぎください!


Tale of the end of the year… I went to Kyoto for a 2 day and 1 night without plans. no, I have only a plan "meet my friend". I met my friends who live in Kyoto. Masaya Kushino and Tomoko Kawao held   year-end party, so I drunk with them and Junpei Omori and their friends!! And the next day I went to Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, with my friend Tomoko Kawao. She is a popular calligrapher in Japan. Since it was very good recollections that visited to pray together with Tomoko, I have not carried out to the first visit in the year to a shrine yet this year<3
話を戻すと、年末は京都にふらりと着の身着のままカメラも持たずに行って来ました。友達に会うため!!活躍するアーティスト陣のみなさんと話すのは1番たのしい。シューズデザイナーの串野さん、書家の川尾朋子ちゃん、一緒に展示した陶芸家の大森準平くん。いきなり忘年会にお邪魔した翌日は朋子ちゃんに連れられて八坂神社へ 早めの参拝をしてきました。そんなこんなで初詣はまだ行ってません。笑 1月中に伊勢神宮に行きたいな!

 posted by Junko