Jan 28, 2012

Weekend with Moe

Tokyo is overflowing new items. Of cause I love Tokyo, born in and live in. But I sometimes want to go outside of the city asking for the passage of time to be different from every day.

I went to Shichirigahama with Moe Murakami last weekend★

It was a rainy day in Tokyo. We went to the sea by driving, and it cleared up gradually. We have lunch time at "bills". The restaurant is filled with the marine light.

when we came outside after finished lunch, there was beautiful evening glow.

Then we go to Kamakura. It is one of beautiful Japanese traditional place.

It was a great day for me. 
I looked at the beautiful scene and considered various things.  I want to tell you about what Moe and me talking and thinking about. But I can't tell you in English well!! I have to study English more and more....

Have a good weekend♥

posted by Junko

Jan 25, 2012

Love heart & sweets !!!

I produced new lovely sweets as a member of "sweets' girls".
I went out for getting the sweets just put on the market with Lovely heart bag♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

Special berry yogurt parfait♥  lactic acid bacteria of yogurt is good for skin conditions!!!! We made parfait for girls, it is delicious, lovely and wise★



TOPS : Sher shore http://www.chershore.com/
BAGS : PRIMARK http://www.primark.co.uk/
BOOTS : Jeffery Campbell

Posed by Junko
Photo by Judy & Junko