Jun 30, 2013

"alice + olivia" summer !!!

I  covered the Isetan Shinjuku store of alice+olivia. This blue round embroidery one-piece, my favorite one in this summer♡

私のイチオシはこのブルーの丸いレースのワンピ。日本人にも合う、小さめのサイズ感なので似合う人多いんじゃないかな??デニムで始まった"alice + olivia"、履き心地もプリントやカラーの色の美しさも目を惹くウェアばかりです。もちろんワンピースもカットソーも人と差の付く絶妙なバランスのオシャレさが かなりオススメ。なんとなんと、7月2日までキャンペーンで21,000円以上お買い上げの方には“Matilda”とのコラボのオシャレなお花、かジュースバー“Sky High”とのスムージーをもらえるよ♡スムージーはマンゴーフレーバーでバジルのアクセントが最高でした!!


Jun 17, 2013

In the evening

Jun 13, 2013

what i feel

I went to Kyoto, and took photography for my Exhibition.
 I'm going to hold exhibition of my self portrait 
with my friends at MEGUMI OGITA GALLARY Showcase in Ginza.
ISSEI and JUNPEI are artist, we show paintings,
 photography and sculpture(ceramics) at the same
time during 28th June to 13th July.

at KAWAIILABO of my blog, at SNS. 
What I always feel is considered. 
I make me by the same camera as usual, 
expresses me also different from a fashion blogger. 
I am pleasant to take photograph this time. 
Because of my heart beat??

DRESS : KAWI JAMELE http://kawijamele.co.jp
SANDALS : Jeffrey Campbell
Location : ANTEROOM http://hotel-anteroom.com

2013.6.28 (FRI) - 2013.7.13 (SAT) 
open 11:00-19:00 close on Monday

♥Preview Party♥
2013.6.27 (THU) 17:30-19:30

5-4-14 4F Ginza Chuou-ku Tokyo JAPAN, 104-0061
tel 03.3571.9700  fax 03.3248.3405

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY www.megumiogita.com/


Jun 9, 2013

BBQ EVENT at my atelier

Special BBQ party at my atelier!!!
This atelier is the house which my father designed 30 years or more ago. I also passed the childhood term here and I has returned here. (My father is an architect.)

I called my favorite friends on the fine day in May.

The day was so special for me,
 my favorite place with my favorite friends.

Tama-chan (KIBI at Shibuya) made this meat dishes. 
Mayumi-san made Deli with full vegetables.
Yummy Yummy...♡

大好きメンバーを集めてJunkoアトリエBBQ。いつぶりだろう??久しぶり過ぎて、たのし過ぎて おいし過ぎて 大興奮!!黍のたまちゃんが仕込みをしっかりしてくれたオシャレ肉料理、せくめとのまゆみさんが作ってくれたヘルシーデリでみんなご機嫌。美味しいはたのしいっ♡Misha JanetteのiPad DJもso cool...!!! みんな、すてきな時間をありがとう。


Jun 3, 2013


It was a fantastic birthday★


あれやっときゃ良かった とかいうセリフの
私を応援してくれる人がいる限り 私らしく