Dec 27, 2013

Tales of Winter Park

The quietness of the park in Tokyo is comfortable, so I take a walk and photography again. I try to find Large Yoyogi Park little by little, taking a photograph. When time changes, since a color changes, it is pleasant for me. Outside self-portrait shooting is difficult in fact, but I feel that taking my photograph which I want to take by myself at last. I want to take Me in a photograph more than real myself, I would continue to take my photograph until it becomes myself of an ideal,  I consider anew. 

少し前に来た公園の静かさが心地よくて、また散歩と撮影に。撮影しながら、広い代々木公園を少しずつ開拓中です。時間が変わると、また色が変わるからそれが楽しくて、ついつい外でセルフポートレート。本当は外の方が大変なんだけど、最近やっと自分が撮りたい写真を自分で撮れるようになってきた気がします。写真の中の自分を 本当の自分らしく そして理想の自分になるまで撮り続けてみたいな と改めて思ったりしています。2013年ももうすぐ終わりますね。

coat : merph (at KAMMER)

bag : 3.1 Philip Lim

scarf : Jil sander


serf-portrait (NIKON D800 ) 

styling by Junko
photography by Junko
model by Junko
 posted by Junko