Jan 17, 2014


The carpet of fallen leaves. 
when I pass the street It makes dry sound. 
If I ride on a bicycle, a cold wind will permeate me. 
A tip of my nose and ear becomes as painful. The air remind me winter, I always take self-portraits feeling winter.But although I like the color in the winter, I would like to come to go out for photographing. The park with little people is quiet and busy by the color of winter. there are many calm colors of winter. And the color becomes an inspiration of my styling. How Klimt drew this picture? -- I would like to take a photograph with the carpet and the soft light of winter when I find the dress. Because the sound of the fallen leaves which overlaps about its ears, the soft sunlight of winter, and slow time are here. 
Dear my romantic winter... 

The carpet of fallen leaves. The color in the park fits for the dress of Klimt's THE KISS<3 In Tokyo, it has not snowed yet. When will it snow? I would like to take a photograph in the snow-covered landscape, when it snows.

ついにgetしちゃった。クリムトのTHE KISSドレス。落ち葉の色と合うよね ;)

COAT : Ann Demeulemeester
JACKET : Courreges (VINTAGE)

serf-portrait (NIKON D800 ) 

styling by Junko
photography by Junko
model by Junko