Jan 25, 2014


How about the big pearl necklace?? like a headphone. by the way, Have you ever seen "CHANEL ART"?? I went to the cocktail party of 2014 spring summer collection of "CHANEL ART" designed by Carl Lagerfeld.


The especially item which I am pleased with is a flat of a white race. You can see so small silver "CHANEL". The clutch entered into the clutch, the jewelry of such a big accent, and a pearl jewelry which smiles by playfulness. Colorful tweed and the tweed of a chic color also have the plot unique to CHANEL, and it is great that little play and prejudice are hidden. Since it is a needle or a mechanism occurs somewhere, the heel of the pumps of simple black must be seen thoroughly. 
How is such an adult's tricky design merely to you that it is boring only with it being gorgeous? 


Photo & posted by Junko