Mar 19, 2012

Antique Antique

It is not certain when I noticed about that. Creator Eiko Ishioka whom I respect worked at Shiseido, and taking advantage of the old goods of the company having been strongly subject to the influence of art deco or art nouveau. when I noticed about it, I was interested in antiques of french. It was hard for me to follow the design and follow antique art of Japan during school days.if I recognized suddenly, I will not have seen the thing of actual France. I noticed things and I wished to surely see by this one for France. So I went to the museum this time. Musee des Arts Decoratifs / Musee de la Mode et du Textile.

Only beautiful curios are all. I like the beauty of lines very much. My heart beats fast when I look at textures and tone also harmonize deeply, and at the same time I settle down. Of course I also like antiques of Japanese  very much. There are a lot of things which I love. overflowing here. 

そのことに私がいつ気がついたのか定かではない。私が尊敬するクリエイター石岡瑛子さんが資生堂出身で、その会社の古い商品がアールデコやアールヌーヴォーの影響を強く受けていたのをきっかけに、気がついた時には興味があった。大学時代はそのデザインを追うことと日本の古美術を追うことで精一杯だったけれど、ふと気がついてみたら実際のフランスのものを見たことが無いのではないか、、、ということに気がついて、今回のフランス行きでどうしても見たいと思っていた。そんな旅の最初に訪れた美術館はここ。Musee des Arts Decoratifs / Musee de la Mode et du Textile.


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