Apr 7, 2014

Masaya Kushino "Bird-witched" New Collection

I saw the lecture by Masaya Kushino (the Designer of MasayaKushino) & Masataka Hosoo (Director  of Hosoo, a Kyoto-based textile company)

Masaya Kushino talked about his new collection "BIRD-WICHED" and his older collections. The new shoes made by custom made Nishijin brocaded by the Kyoto-based textile company, Hosoo. Masaya Kushino and Masataka Hosoo tried new textiles got inspiration from "Ito Jakuchu". I really love Jakuchu, so excited. 

Masataka Hosoo introduced his company history, and new works with world luxury brand. This time, He also collaborated MIHARAYASUHIRO. how cool the textiles?! 

We could touch "BIRD-WHICHED" brass heels. Impact of casting like the leg of a real bird!! If weight differs also as three, I imagined how I feel when I wear those shoes. Especially the form of a bird, I can't imagine yet.
The next time I visit to Kyoto,  I would like to go to see the weave machine of HOSOO.

Masaya Kushino http://masayakushino.jp
株式会社 細尾 http://www.hosoo.co.jp

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