Jun 9, 2013

BBQ EVENT at my atelier

Special BBQ party at my atelier!!!
This atelier is the house which my father designed 30 years or more ago. I also passed the childhood term here and I has returned here. (My father is an architect.)

I called my favorite friends on the fine day in May.

The day was so special for me,
 my favorite place with my favorite friends.

Tama-chan (KIBI at Shibuya) made this meat dishes. 
Mayumi-san made Deli with full vegetables.
Yummy Yummy...♡

大好きメンバーを集めてJunkoアトリエBBQ。いつぶりだろう??久しぶり過ぎて、たのし過ぎて おいし過ぎて 大興奮!!黍のたまちゃんが仕込みをしっかりしてくれたオシャレ肉料理、せくめとのまゆみさんが作ってくれたヘルシーデリでみんなご機嫌。美味しいはたのしいっ♡Misha JanetteのiPad DJもso cool...!!! みんな、すてきな時間をありがとう。