Feb 25, 2012

beautiful residence

One day in January, I visited a beautiful residence. This is the only building in Japan which Ricardo Legorreta designed. My family's friend planned the great event there!!  Please look at the beauty of Mexico, and Japanese culture.

Out side of the residence, The terrace connected with the sea spreads out. Though it was regrettable on that day, it was cloudy, but the fine day will be a surely pleasant scene.

When it grew dark, the concert of the biwa started.  A biwa is a Japanese musical instrument.  I heard the tone of the biwa for the first time on that day.

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日が暮れる頃、琵琶の演奏会が始まりました。この日はリカルド・レゴレッタ作の邸宅を拝見し、そこで琵琶の音色を楽しむという貴重な会だったのです。櫻井 亜木子さんの演奏と唄で「平家物語」を。最後には美味しいお寿司もいただけて、とにかく圧倒されるばかりなのでした。

Sran / me / Akiko Sakurai / Kitajiko


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