Jan 3, 2012



2nd January 2012
I went to first visiting in 2012 to a shrine "Meiji-Jingu" with Moe. We Changed our clothes to Japanese "KIMONO" in Roppongi.  (Moe researched a rental Kimono-shop " HANA-GOYOMI" → http://87-goyomi.com/)

Moe Murakami

I love her hair accessory!! When she moves, it waves. Her hair-style is good for wearing Kimono. I changed my hair to up-style at the shop and I chose a pale colors anitique Kimono.

it's me !! (photo by moe)

There is so many many people come to visit the shrine.
After go and worship there , we have some snacks at a street vendor's stall. Some people surprised at me when I hold my camera. I always have a single-lens reflex cameraof NIKON. It's too big for Kimono-styles.

fried noodles

Candy with fruits.

Photo by Moe

It was a special day for me to start 2012. I want to make 2012 to a wonderful year. I have to try so many things as I can. And I wish 2012 is a wonderful year for you.★

一年の計は元旦にあり。ということで、村上萌ちゃんと明治神宮で着物で初詣に挑戦してきました!!いや、まだ寒いんですよ本当は。寒いけど挑戦したかったんだもん! 今回はレンタルの着物でちょっと渋い淡い色のアンティークを選びました。祖母や母の着物とは違った独特な雰囲気がある着物。「着物で初詣」という萌の提案で一気にウキウキした1日。原宿、表参道は人がいっぱい、屋台もいっぱい。大はしゃぎの大満足な2人なのでした。今年も良い事いっぱいあるはず★そんな期待と予感がします。皆様にとって2012年が素晴らしい1年でありますように。そして今年もKAWAIILABO Black LabalKAWAIILABO Pink LabelSweet Official Fashion Blogの3本立てで参りますので、沢山の写真にお付き合いいただければと思います♥


I wore this Kimono

You know, I have 3 blogs. Please continue to see my blog in 2012★

KAWAIILABO Black Labal(in English)

KAWAIILABO Pink Label (in Japanese / for girls)

Sweet Official Fashion Blog(in Japanese / for girls / the magazine "sweet")

xoxo ♥ Junko

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