Dec 31, 2011

about "BLUE BIRD"

I always talk about the fashion, however is different today, about the horse , "BLUE BIRD".  I rode on "BLUE BIRD" ten years ago. By chance, I got the opportunity to meet him once again and went to Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture where he lives.

He is "BLUE BIRD".

He is 23 years old. He was fine and selfish when he was young, now he had become the horse carried out gently. he seemed to be sleepy on that day and he was changed his horse shoes by Mr.Ohtani.

Yura( she is new owner)

Rin and Jerry


He lives with many friends. There are two horses, two dogs, and a cat.
I give him an orange!! 

Finally, I rode on him !!!!!!!!

It was the great time beyond descriptions.
Thank you so much, Yura, Mrs.Shirai ,Rin !!!
(Special Thanks to Mr.Ohtani and Asayo♥)

Big love to Blue Bird.

Thanks for reading my blog in 2011★ 


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