Nov 12, 2015

[PR] KARL LAGERFELD KIDS PREMIERES WORLDWIDE on MELIJOE.COM : カール・ラガーフェルドのキッズラインがついにデビュー!猫あるあるな動画がほんとかわいすぎて...❤

このニュースもらった瞬間 きゃあーって喜んじゃった!だって、この猫の動画が全部可愛すぎるんだもの。What a lovely news for kids!! check the images & MV.

この可愛さからも期待が広がる新作!あのシャネル、フェンディのデザイナーとして超有名なカール・ラガーフェルドが MELIJOE.COM でキッズコレクションを展開するとのお知らせ。MELIJOEのサイトは日本語でも購入できるので ご安心くださいませ❤

カールとシュペットちゃんのプリントTシャツ。アイコニックな2人がとってもかわいいし価格も嬉しい¥5,165 は大人も欲しい。笑
それにしても、この動画の猫あるある感がたまらないんだよ。うちのじじこさんも、スケッチやデスクワークの邪魔するし、撮影してれば乱入してくるので 他人猫とは思えない ↓

 A new family of mini-Karls has arrived! The iconic profiles of the designer and his feline  muse, Choupette, crop up here and there in embroideries and prints, spicing up a collection that, in true Lagerfeld style, is both witty and chic.
For older children, there are T-shirts and sweatshirts in every color, jeans, skirts, ties and, of course, the indispensible crisp white shirt and black blazer. Layettes rock like never before, from bonnets and bibs to booties, tiny blouses and mini-blazers.
When it comes to accessories, the collection brims with adorable details, from cat ears and whiskers to trompe l’œil collars and ties, fingerless gloves, rock star sunglasses, caps, ballerina flats, headbands and miniature handbags.

ABOUT MELIJOE.COM was created in 2007, born of Nathalie Christen-Genty’s desire to offer the most refined online selection of fashions for children aged 0-16 years. A seasoned digital entre-preneur, Nathalie began working on websites at the age of 20. 100% Parisian and now a working mom with 5 children, Nathalie Christen-Genty embodies the effortless chic style and je ne sais quoi women all over the world admire. Thanks to her entrepreneurial talent, has trans-formed from start-up into a directional online fashion 
retailer. 7 years plus 60 collabo-rators of 7 nationalities later, offers children the most iconic names in fashion (Karl Lagerfeld Kids, Little Marc Jacobs, Chloé, Marni, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry...) in 8 languages and 9 currencies across 5 continents.

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by Junko Suzuki
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