May 5, 2014

ZINE MAGAZINE shooting backstage 01

The shutter sound which sounds in white wall studio.
Pausing models move together with substitution of light. At last, start posting about ZINE mag shooting backstage!! so cool and beautiful models. I really excited this time. gracefully eyeliner, cool straight eyebrows.The light of eyes can see me from the crevice between the forelock concerning a face. The hair makeup of the exquisite nuance is also really awesome.
白壁のスタジオに響くシャッター音。光の入れ替わりと共に移り行くモデルのポージング。お待たせしました、ついに更新 ZINE magの撮影の舞台裏。久しぶりにめちゃ興奮した撮影!モデルさんがなんと言ってもすてき。かっこ良くて綺麗。ポーズや表情を変えて行くその姿に ただただうっとり。ストレートな眉に潔いアイライン。顔に掛かる前髪から目の光が見えて その絶妙なニュアンスのヘアメイクも本当にかっこいい。

I went to SHOP in Taiwan for leases with stylist KOSEI MATSUDA and editors of ZINE this time, so I also introduce the SHOPs. I took too much photo( because of exciting), and I hope to associate without haste, since it writes in several steps.
to be continue!!

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