Mar 1, 2012

first night in Madeleine

An angle room which light inserts and which was very comfortable and settled down. The hotel of a madeleine. (Hotel de L'Arcade
As soon as I arrived, after walking along and turning around the neighborhood. When I returned, some letters of invitation had sent my room.
Tickets for going to the show of Paris collection have arrived!! I cried with surprise and joy. My best friend "Moe" has prepared surprise for me!! 


着くなり辺りを歩き回ってから戻ると、部屋に数個の招待状が。あれれ???よくよく見ると届いていたのはパリコレクションのショーに行くためのチケット!! 驚きと喜びで泣きそうになっちゃった。私の大切な友人、萌が素敵なサプライズを準備していてくれたの!!ほんとありがとう。もうなんて言っていいのかわからないよ。 
In the evening, I went the famous cafe "Café de la Paix" with Moe's family. It was named "cafe", I thought it is a small restaurant. But it different at all! The hotel "The Westin Paris - Vendome" was connected, and it was a very gorgeous cafe.

We have delicious dinner and dessert on good terms, walked in the hotel. We could taste graceful Paris. 

I will go to Paris collection from tomorrow. I cannot sleep at the night because I have butterflies in my stomach.

その晩、萌の家族とオペラの有名なカフェに。カフェというから小さなお店かと思い込んでいたら、ホテルThe Westin Paris - Vendome‎が繋がっていて、知らなかった事が恥ずかしいくらいとても豪華なカフェでした。おいしい食事とデザートを仲良く食べて、ホテルの中を歩いて、優雅なパリを味わえました。


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