Nov 10, 2011

Roberto Cavalli -FNO jp-

Shining stones which was decorated without sparing, The form describing a beautiful curves. I was always fascinated with the jewelries in magazines. I look at beautiful jewelry from a short distance. This is the first time I get in the shop.

散りばめられた輝く石、美しい曲線を描くフォルム。雑誌でしか見たことのなかった憧れの宝石たち。 この店内に足を踏み入れる機会が訪れる。10月にオープンした Robert Cavalli初の日本での旗艦店。1Fはバッグなどの革製品や小物、時計に宝石。2Fには美しいドレスやウェア、さらにVIP ROOMまで併設されている。

There are so many Beautiful jewelries at Robert Cavalli in Aoyama. It opens Oct 2011. You can see The bags, leather items, wathes and jewelries at the 1st-floor. Wear for Ladies , dresses are showed at the 2nd floor and annexed "VIP ROOM".

This is the 2nd floor.
The heels remind me a gorgeous woman standing. I was absorbed shooting. 


 I have never seen before such beautiful, elegance items with reaching distance. They are art pieces.



We can admire The high-class jewelries are displayed By the middle of stairs.


Roberto Cavalli jp 

Roberto Cavalli official

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