Nov 11, 2011


Round lovely form bags are decorated in the brown shop. The bag are the center of attention.


I was sure that next trend color is YELLOW. Because it is a color to come to photograph involuntarily. At least, Yellow fits my feeling.

Chiara wear the fur coat and shooting !! I love color combination of blue fur and her blond hair. 


I want a bicycle for a long time, but I couldn't find my favorite. That day , finally I found my special !!   It has so cute box and the saddle color is refined.
This is the last collect. We shooting each other.

Kana and me

Chiara and Kana

Kana is an interpreter for Chiara and Natalie. She is so cute !!  Thanks so much Kana♥

my best cordinate♥


Thank you for reading my FNO collects !!

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