Jul 12, 2011

Find me in magazine "sweet" August 2011.

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Hi , this is Junko♥
Today is the first post of new Kawaii.labo. And I will tell you a big news !!

 ”Sweet" August 2011 now on sale and I appear in the magazine as a sweet official fashion blogger. Please open  P186-P187 and P140-P141.  About caverage of PIXAR in SF, and 2011 AW exhibitions of girls fashion brands.

今日はbig newsがあります!なんと「sweet8月号」にJunkoが取材した記事が掲載されました。P186-P187PIXARの写真、 P140-P141には展示会の記事が載っています。

one piece  :  bonicadot
magazine  :  sweet

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