Mar 9, 2012

Guerlain in Paris

I met with the perfume which I love deeply Before I trip to Paris. A sweet scent with the deep composure of vanilla and rum. I met the exclusive fragrance of "Guerlain", casually in Isetan in Shinjuku. I dreamed to buy the fragrance at  Champs-Elysees in France and lefted japan. Because of  in Japan, it is so expensive.
フランスに旅立つ2週間程前、恋する香水に出会いました。バニラとラムの深い落ち着きのある甘い香り。新宿にある伊勢丹で何気なく出会った「Guerlain」のエクスクルーシブフレグランス。日本で買うとかなりの高価で、フランスのシャンゼリゼで買う事を夢見て旅立ちました。私は到着して初日の朝、最初に向かったのが68 Avenue des Champs Élysées, 75008 ParisのGuerlain。

 It is Guerlain of 68 Avenue des Champs Élysées, 75008 Paris where I go to the morning of the first day and the beginning. In the show windows, There are the display of new the perfume.

But I went to the place of the perfume of the guide which does not stray. My sweet fragrance is on the second floor. The second floor of Avenue des Champs Élysées of Guerlain is a place like the castle of a fragrance. It is very elegant and you can taste deeply country France which loves a scent. Of course was there the perfume and "Sprituese Double Vanille" which I love. 
GuerlainのAvenue des Champs Élyséesの2階はフレグランスのお城の様な場所。とてもエレガントで香りを愛する国フランスを深く味わえます。もちろんそこに私の愛する香水、"Sprituese Double Vanille"がありました。

Fans arrange in the inner part of inside of the shop, we can fan the fans and try the scent of "EXCLUSIVE FRAGRANCE". The place currently pursued to the beauty of conduct is Paris truly.  A perfume can be chosen thoroughly, spending graceful time. The favorite scent which has been noticed liking the scent of Vanilla, and was found at last after searching!!

"Sprituese Double Vanille" is my first souvenir for myself.

On the inside of the shop, photography and coverage of the fragrance of new work were performed exactly.  The display of new fragrance of the second floor was also very lovely. I was really fortunate in inside of a shop♥

店内の奥には扇子が配置され、それを扇いで "EXCLUSIVE FRAGRANCE" の香りを試せます。所作の美しさまで追求されているところが、さすがParis。優雅な時間を過ごしながら、香水をじっくりと選べます。


私が最初に購入した自分へのお土産は、"Sprituese Double Vanille"


 "Sprituese Double Vanille"
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